Leadership & Volunteers


Our volunteer leadership team works throughout the year to make important decisions and prepare for each season in every aspect of the production to ensure the highest quality performances while providing the best experience to patrons, dancers, volunteers, and supporters.


As a non-profit organization, volunteers are essential to our mission. Each year over 150 volunteers join together to diligently to accomplish the hundreds of details that are necessary to provide patrons with the highest quality performances. Volunteers handle everything including costumes, schedules, community outreach, advertising, business sales, fundraising, and communications plus much more.

Leadership Team

Artistic Director

Eldar Valiev

Production Coordinator

Christina Cost & Heather Wilkins

Publicity, Print & Branding Coordinator

Andrew Brewer, Natalia Hogan

Dressing Room Coordinator

Karen Anderson-Lain

Ad Sales Coordinator

Jennifer Travis

Boutique Coordinator

Heather Wilkins

Community/Sponsor Coordinator

Patti Catino

Cast Party Coordinator

Patti Catino

Costume Coordinator

Rachel Nichelson

Desk Coordinator

Rachel Layne

House and Refreshments Coordinator

Jennifer Adams

Photo Day Coordinator

Beth Wright

Program Photography Coordinator

Jordan Blalock Photography

Stage Manager

Ashley Odom

Social Media Coordinator

Christina Cost, Hollie Domingue

Merch & Company Wear Coordinator

Olivia Lilley

Ticket Sales Coordinator

Connie Sedach

Web Designer

Andrew Brewer

Volunteer Coordinator

Hollie Domingue

Performance Photography

Jordan Blalock Photography


Christina Cost